Setting a New Standard in Mediumship and Naadi Astrology

The founders Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker are an internationally recognized mediumistic couple who have appeared on international television programs. They use the funds from their public work to raise money for the foundation. Craig & Jane’s work on television has brought them into contact with many famous people who are contributing to the cause.

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Working for Free

Most of Craig and Jane's payments for television fees have been given to charity in the past. For example the fees for their American television 3 hour feature called ‘Spirit of Diana’ was all given to charities connected to Princess Diana. Their fees from their theatre demonstrations for their television series called ‘Our psychic Family’ were given to a children’s cancer charity.
The Hamilton-Parker Foundation will also get funds from altruistic entrepreneurs and public figures with an interest in spirituality.  

Craig says:
“My wife Jane and I have been working as psychic mediums for most of our lives. We love to help the bereaved and bring comforting, verifiable messages of hope to people who have lost loved ones. Our mediumistic work is highly evidential and is delivered in a spirit of cheerfulness and compassion. In addition, we also enjoy teaching mediumship, meditation and spirituality. We hail from a Spiritualist background but we are also inspired by Indian philosophy. I am an expert on yoga, Indian Mysticism and the Naadi Astrology oracles and had personal instruction from Sidhha yogis.

“In my book 'Messages from the Universe' I explain how an India Maharishi from 5,000 years ago left a personal message to me in a palm leaf oracle with instructions about Jane and my spiritual mission. It explained how I could do what I've always yearned to do: that is to be able to do my spiritual work for free.

“The model we now use is to work for free with public demonstrations of mediumship, lectures and group workshops to raise money for the foundation. This foundation will build centers in the UK and India that can be used as a platform for the safe practice of mediumship and a place where people can enjoy meditation, spiritual teachings and be inspired by gurus from all the religions of the world. We also help people clear their karma by doing direct hands-on charitable work such as helping orphans, feeding the poor and supporting mentally ill children.”

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