About the Foundation

With the Psychic Mediums Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker

The Hamilton-Parker Foundation spreads the spiritual teachings of Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker to people everywhere and promotes the safe practice of mediumship. It provides facilities where spiritual people from all religions can share their knowledge of the Divine.

Spiritual Centers

The Foundation's long-term goal is to open ‘spiritual centers’ for meditation, demonstrations of mediumship and spiritual education. As part of it's spiritual teachings the organization also feeds the poor, gives cows to destitute Indian villagers and has helps mentally handicapped children in the third world.


Update: Recent Feedings in India May 2018:


Profits from public events and donations are used for the following:

  • Funding international public events and online events to give proof of the continuation of consciousness after death through the mediumship and teachings of Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker and to raise more money for the foundation.
  • To set an example and model of practice that will encourage mediums, psychics, Naadi readers, healers and astrologers to work for free in a spirit of service.
  • To discourage greed and egotism within the commercial practice of clairvoyance and related arts.
  • The foundation helps people to gain information about their past lives and clear their personal karma through the teachings given in the ancient Indian Naadi Leaves.
  • The foundation helps people overcome the negative effects of karma through direct charitable activities such as personally feeding the poor, serving the mentally ill and helping children in distress.
  • The foundation teaches life enhancing practices such as meditation, yoga, mediumship development and healing.
  • The foundation spreads the perennial truths found in ancient spiritual practices and encourages religious tolerance.
  • The foundation may rent properties so that the above activities may be available to all people. For example high street shops as drop in meditation venues.
  • The ultimate goal of the foundation is to build centers, ashrams and temples to facilitate the above activities.