Starting a Spiritual Center

How the Foundation will Grow

Ultimate Goal/Aim

The ultimate objective of the foundation is to build a center in the UK for the benefit of the public where the spiritual values taught by Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker can be put into practice. In particular, mediumship will be practiced to prove survival of the spirit after physical death in order to help the bereaved and meditation and other spiritual practices taught to promote inner harmony and well-being. The foundation hopes to raise money internationally and to eventually have other centers overseas.

The Advancement of Religion

The Foundation has a set of spiritual values that welcomes all religions: It holds that there is only one God and that God is omnipresent and present in all true faiths. It holds that all is God and that individuals can directly realize their oneness with God. It holds that true religion is to love all beings and to serve them. It holds that human consciousness survives bodily death. The Foundation discourages blind belief but encourages spiritual self-enquiry and listening the call from the conscience and the heart. The Foundation promotes these universal spiritual values.

The Advancement of Spiritual Education

The Foundation teaches spiritual practices to enhance well-being, compassion and higher consciousness. It draws from western and eastern traditions. Subjects taught include spiritual arts such as meditation, intuition, yoga, mediumship, light work, philosophy, astrology, Naadi reading, spiritual healing, prophesy, dream incubation and so on.  Speakers and teachers are encouraged to work for free or expenses only.

The Relief of Poverty and Helping the Disadvantaged

Participants in the foundation’s activities and events are encouraged to contribute money to help the destitute and feed the poor. This is part of the ‘karmic remedies’ process in which negative karma carried into this life from past incarnations is minimized by spiritual ritual charitable acts. People are encouraged to help face-to-face with this work wherever practical by directly feeding the poor, buying an impoverished third world family a cow, helping orphans and the mentally ill. 

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