Help us to move our dream forward

Our volunteers are people who are prepared to give their time to help us raise funds and run events. We already have a number working with us informally but we would like to have a register of volunteers who can actively help.

The main areas we will need help are:

  • Event Helpers – We will need volunteers to help with the running of events with Craig & Jane to raise money for the foundation. This would include things such as helping with the theatre events, manning the door, taking the donations, setting up the stage, music, lighting and so on.
  • Event Chair Persons – Confident speakers are required to introduce Craig& Jane, chair the events, give a guided meditation, and initiate discussions during the intervals and so on.
  • Media Crew – All events will be filmed and promoted through YouTube and social media. We need camera crew, sound technicians and so on. We also need people to help with post production, musical scoring, and voice-overs.
  • Public Relations – We will need expertise in public relations such as producing media packs, public relation material and attracting publicity.
  • Social Media – Experts on social media marketing are requires to help propagate the teachings on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook etc. We also need social media users to post in groups and forums and to generate interest in the foundation and its charitable works.
  • Newsletter, Text Messaging & Ezines – we need people to help with the direct marketing and regular news updates.
  • Online Chat Rooms and Skype talks – Craig already has an existing community on his website. Existing monitors are asked to help build this further to help the foundation and also include our plans to stream live events on Skype, Google Hangouts and other live web-streaming.
  • Website and Facebook Page – Help needed in keeping the Facebook pages active and designing and maintaining the website and forums.
  • Team Leaders – Help needed to initiate and press forward all of the above functions and organize people.

If you can help with any of the above please email Craig via the form on his main website here

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